Jessica and me at the top of Mount Pilatus.


Thank you for visiting my blog! My hope is that you find the information on this site easy to read and applicable to your financial situation. My purpose in starting this blog is to provide a solid, systematic process to address the entire spectrum of personal finance to investing. I started my own financial journey while I was in high school working different jobs and saving for college, built on it partly by accident while in college, and have grown increasingly interested in personal finance and investing over the past 10 years as I’ve begun my career and actually made a paycheck. It has been a slow, yet steady, personal-growth process ever since, but one that is very rewarding.

But it has really been over the past few years that I have become more passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping people learn more of the basics of personal finance. Through conversations with so many people (surprisingly, many that were much older than I was!) from all over, I’ve come to realize that there’s a huge gap in financial knowledge and a lack of confidence to take the right steps that is hurting these peoples’ current and future opportunities to achieve financial success!

That’s why helping people become more financially competent and secure is something that I’ve become very passionate about.  I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to provide financial training, lead Financial Peace University classes, as well as provide financial decision-making insight at work. I feel like I have something to offer in this area and have a passion for helping people, so that’s why I decided to start this blog instead of talking to people one or two at a time.

Now, something I want to be up-front about is this: while I’m very passionate about finances, read a lot of books, and am currently pursuing a Certified Financial Planner Certificate, I am not a licensed financial planner. I feel it’s important to be honest about that, as one of the worst things about financial advice on the internet is the deception that often goes with it. I am just a regular guy that was frugal (thanks, parents!) who started reading some solid finance books, applied that knowledge to my life (the hardest part, FYI), and have been, and am, enjoying the benefits of it ever since. So, please, read and apply this to yourself with that in mind! It isn’t complicated, it just takes discipline! But I believe that my lack of “professional” financial education is also one of the strengths of this blog – believe me – if I can do it, so can you! It is very realistic to learn enough not to do merely a fair job of managing your own finances, but a GREAT job!

Well, on to a little more about me and my first, and only(!), piece of 100% accurate financial advice – marry an incredible spouse! I met Jessica around 5 years ago, and these have been the best years of my life. There’s a different level of joy and love that I didn’t know existed before I fell in love with her. We met at work, of all the unexpected places, but hey, now I can say I have married 100% of girls I dated at work! (don’t worry, we kept it professional!) We don’t have kids yet but would definitely like to in the future. Recently, we moved to Germany (military family) and have been traveling as much as we can. We love seeing new parts of the world together and creating so many memories and experiences that we’ll take with us for life, it’s been such a blessing to have the opportunity to live in another country!

For my work, I’m an active duty Officer in the United States Army where I serve as a Physical Therapist (PT). It’s the perfect job for me as I’m able to combine my passion for helping patients in pain with my passion for serving. My personal mission statement is “To serve those who serve us” and I’m humbled to be able to do that every day. I’ve been able to see some really incredible people come through sub-optimal circumstances and thrive. Another cool thing is that Jessica is a PT too, so it’s awesome that she and I can talk about our jobs together and we actually understand what the other person is talking about, a huge bonus!

I honestly believe that what motivates me to be the best PT I can be is the same motivation that drives me to help people with their finances. It’s essentially the same job, just a different problem and solution. I would suggest the methods of motivating people to do their exercises or start a budget is 90% the same. Both jobs require motivating people to change behaviors, habits to achieve their own success. But I welcome that challenge and I love the opportunity to make an impact beyond myself.

Representing the Huskers in Bruges, Belgium.

I guess some other random stuff is that I’m from a farm in western Nebraska, graduated with 14 people in my class, drove a tractor legally before I drove a car, I’m a huge Nebraska sports fan, and since moving to Germany, it seems like all we do is travel as often (and cheaply!) as possible. If you’re planning any European vacation, a free hint is Switzerland, southern France, Garmisch, Germany, northern Italy, and Bruges are our favorite places so far. So, if you have a vacation planned, let us know and my wife will plan it for you! j/k!

Well, I hope to get to know some of you, and again, thank you for taking the time to visit my site! God bless!